Lesson 23: Review and Conversation Practice


Welcome to Lesson 23, where we’ll consolidate our knowledge from previous lessons through review and conversation practice. This lesson is designed to reinforce your understanding of basic prepositions, the verb “aller,” country names in French, the present tense, frequency adverbs, possessive adjectives, common adjectives, discussing weather and time, hobbies and leisure activities, and directions and locations.

Review Highlights

➡︎ Basic Prepositions

Recall “à,” “de,” “sous,” “sur,” etc., and their uses in sentences.

➡︎ The Verb “Aller”

Practice conjugating “aller” and using it to discuss destinations.

➡︎  Countries in French

Review the names of countries and their corresponding prepositions.

➡︎ Present Tense

Reinforce the regular and irregular verbs in the present tense.

➡︎ Frequency Adverbs

Recall how to express frequency in activities.

➡︎ Possessive Adjectives

Practice using possessive adjectives in sentences to show ownership.

➡︎ Common Adjectives

Review the top 10 French adjectives and their correct gender and number agreement.

➡︎ Discussing Weather and Time

Recall how to talk about the weather and tell time in French.

➡︎ Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Review vocabulary related to common hobbies and leisure activities.

➡︎ Directions and Locations

Reinforce the expressions used to ask for and give directions.

🍀 Conversation Practice 🍀

Now, let’s apply what we’ve learned in some conversation scenarios. Each scenario combines elements from the lessons above.

Scenario 1: Meeting a New Friend

  • Discuss where you’re from, your hobbies, and how often you do them.

Scenario 2: Planning a Day Out

  • Use weather vocabulary to suggest activities and use directions to explain how to get to various locations.

Scenario 3: At a Party

  • Describe people at the party using adjectives, talk about relationships using possessive adjectives, and discuss plans using the verb “aller.”

Exercise: Create Your Dialogue

Choose one of the scenarios above and write a short dialogue, incorporating the grammar and vocabulary from previous lessons. Aim to use a variety of structures and expressions.


This lesson aimed to integrate and practice the French language skills we’ve developed. Continue practicing these scenarios, and don’t hesitate to mix elements from different lessons to build more complex and rich conversations. Bonne chance!