Here’s a beginner-level French quiz. Read the questions and identify the correct answers.

A diverse and comprehensive list of 50 grammar quizzes can be a great way to evaluate and improve your French skills. Here’s a list tailored for various levels, focusing on different aspects of French grammar:

List of our French quizzes

  1. Identify the gender of French nouns (masculine vs. feminine).
  2. Differentiate between “c’est” and “il est”.
  3. Conjugate regular verbs in the present tense.
  4. Conjugate irregular verbs in the present tense.
  5. Form questions using inversion.
  6. Distinguish between “bon” and “bien”, “mauvais” and “mal”.
  7. Use direct and indirect object pronouns correctly.
  8. Distinguish between “savoir” and “connaĂ®tre”.
  9. Conjugate verbs in the passé composé.
  10. Use the imparfait vs. passé composé.
  11. Form and use the plus-que-parfait.
  12. Practice with reflexive verbs.
  13. Recognize and use French adjectives correctly (agreement and placement).
  14. Use comparative and superlative adjectives.
  15. Form adverbs from adjectives.
  16. Use demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.
  17. Differentiate between “ce”, “cet”, “cette”, and “ces”.
  18. Master the use of possessive adjectives.
  19. Form and use the future simple tense.
  20. Understand and apply the conditional mood.
  21. Master the subjunctive mood: when and how to use it.
  22. Use the imperative mood (commands).
  23. Identify and use prepositions of place.
  24. Work with temporal prepositions.
  25. Practice with negation and its various forms.
  26. Use partitive articles correctly.
  27. Form questions using “est-ce que”, intonation, and subject-verb inversion.
  28. Differentiate between “quel”, “quelle”, “quels”, and “quelles”.
  29. Use “tout” in its various forms.
  30. Conjugate verbs in the future antérieur.
  31. Use relative pronouns “qui”, “que”, “oĂą”, and “dont”.
  32. Identify and use indirect speech.
  33. Practice with numbers, dates, and times.
  34. Use “depuis”, “pendant”, “pour”, and “il y a” to express time.
  35. Conjugate verbs in the passé simple.
  36. Use “quelque”, “quelques”, “quel qu’”, and “quels qu’”.
  37. Understand the difference between “duquel”, “auquel”, “lequel”.
  38. Practice forming and using the gerund.
  39. Conjugate and use pronominal verbs.
  40. Practice with expressions of quantity.
  41. Understand and use “ne…que” for restriction.
  42. Distinguish between “tout”, “tous”, “toute”, and “toutes”.
  43. Use “personne”, “quelqu’un”, “rien”, and “quelque chose” correctly.
  44. Formulate hypotheses using si clauses (if clauses).
  45. Use “bien que”, “quoique”, “malgrĂ© que” with the subjunctive.
  46. Differentiate between “en” and “dans”.
  47. Conjugate verbs in the imperative negative form.
  48. Use the passive voice correctly.
  49. Practice with the “faire causatif”.
  50. Master the agreement of past participles with “avoir” and “ĂŞtre” in compound tenses.

This list covers a wide range of topics from basic to more advanced grammar points. Each quiz should focus on one specific topic to allow for targeted practice and learning.