Lesson on the Verb “Prendre” (To Take)

Conjugation of “Prendre”

Below is a table showing how to conjugate the French verb “prendre” (to take) in the present tense, along with the pronunciation for each form. This will help you pronounce these forms correctly.

Person Present Tense Pronunciation
I (Je) prends [ pʀɑ̃ ]
You (Tu) prends [ pʀɑ̃ ]
He/She/It (Il/Elle/On) prend [ pʀɑ̃ ]
We (Nous) prenons [ pʀɘnɔ̃ ]
You (Vous) prenez [ pʀɘne ]
They (Ils/Elles) prennent [ pʀɛn ]

Definitions and Examples

1) To grasp or take something, to keep with oneself, to make one’s own


  • Je prends le livre sur la table.     I take the book on the table.
  • Tu prends ta veste avant de sortir.     You take your jacket before going out.

2) To take something from someone, to appropriate, to steal


  • Il prend le stylo de son ami.     He takes his friend’s pen.
  • Elle prend la place de son collègue.     She takes her colleague’s place.

3) To consume, to eat, to drink (e.g., to have a dessert), to swallow medication


  • Nous prenons du café au petit déjeuner.      We have coffee for breakfast.
  • Vous prenez votre médicament après le dîner.     You take your medicine after dinner.

4) To use a means of transport (e.g., to take the train)


  • Je prends le bus pour aller au travail.       I take the bus to go to work.
  • Ils prennent l’avion pour Paris.       They take the plane to Paris.

5) To buy, to choose


  • Tu prends une robe bleue pour la fête.        You choose a blue dress for the party.
  • Elle prend deux kilos de pommes au marché.     She buys two kilograms of apples at the market.

6) To catch a cold


  • Il prend froid après être sorti sous la pluie.     He catches a cold after going out in the rain.
  • Vous prenez facilement froid en hiver.     You easily catch cold in winter.

7) To write something down (e.g., to take notes)


  • Nous prenons des notes pendant la conférence.     We take notes during the lecture.
  • Elles prennent l’adresse de l’hôtel.        They write down the hotel’s address.

This lesson demonstrates the versatility of the verb “prendre” in French, highlighting its varied uses in everyday language. As you practice these examples, remember the different contexts in which “prendre” can be used.