Complete Guide to Conjugating ‘Être’ in French: A Must-Have Resource for English Speakers

Mastering a new language involves understanding its verbs and their various forms. For English speakers learning French, the verb ‘être’ (to be) is fundamental and often one of the first verbs introduced due to its frequent use. This comprehensive guide provides a detailed conjugation table for the verb ‘être’ across all tenses and moods, complete with English translations. This resource is designed to help English-speaking learners grasp the nuances of this essential French verb, making their journey into French language learning smoother and more effective.

Présent de l’Indicatif (Present Tense)

Français Anglais
Je suis I am
Tu es You are
Il/Elle est He/She is
Nous sommes We are
Vous êtes You are
Ils/Elles sont They are

Imparfait de l’Indicatif (Imperfect Tense)

Français Anglais
J’étais I was
Tu étais You were
Il/Elle était He/She was
Nous étions We were
Vous étiez You were
Ils/Elles étaient They were

Futur Simple de l’Indicatif (Future Simple Tense)

Français Anglais
Je serai I will be
Tu seras You will be
Il/Elle sera He/She will be
Nous serons We will be
Vous serez You will be
Ils/Elles seront They will be

Passé Simple de l’Indicatif (Simple Past Tense)

Français Anglais
Je fus I was
Tu fus You were
Il/Elle fut He/She was
Nous fûmes We were
Vous fûtes You were
Ils/Elles furent They were

Plus-que-parfait de l’Indicatif (Pluperfect Tense)

Français Anglais
J’avais été I had been
Tu avais été You had been
Il/Elle avait été He/She had been
Nous avions été We had been
Vous aviez été You had been
Ils/Elles avaient été They had been

Futur Antérieur de l’Indicatif (Future Perfect Tense)

Français Anglais
J’aurai été I will have been
Tu auras été You will have been
Il/Elle aura été He/She will have been
Nous aurons été We will have been
Vous aurez été You will have been
Ils/Elles auront été They will have been

Conditionnel Présent (Present Conditional)

Français Anglais
Je serais I would be
Tu serais You would be
Il/Elle serait He/She would be
Nous serions We would be
Vous seriez You would be
Ils/Elles seraient They would be

Conditionnel Passé (Past Conditional)

Français Anglais
J’aurais été I would have been
Tu aurais été You would have been
Il/Elle aurait été He/She would have been
Nous aurions été We would have been
Vous auriez été You would have been
Ils/Elles auraient été They would have been

Subjonctif Présent

Français Anglais
Que je sois That I be
Que tu sois That you be
Qu’il/elle soit That he/she be
Que nous soyons That we be
Que vous soyez That you be
Qu’ils/elles soient That they be

Subjonctif Imparfait

Français Anglais
Que je fusse That I were
Que tu fusses That you were
Qu’il/elle fût That he/she were
Que nous fussions That we were
Que vous fussiez That you were
Qu’ils/elles fussent That they were

Subjonctif Plus-que-parfait

Français Anglais
Que j’eusse été That I had been
Que tu eusses été That you had been
Qu’il/elle eût été That he/she had been
Que nous eussions été That we had been
Que vous eussiez été That you had been
Qu’ils/elles eussent été That they had been


Français Anglais
Sois Be (informal)
Soyons Let’s be
Soyez Be (formal/plural)

Participe Présent

Français Anglais
Étant Being

Participe Passé

Français Anglais
Été Been


Français Anglais
Être To be


Français Anglais
En étant By being

In conclusion, the conjugation of the verb ‘être’ in French is a cornerstone in mastering the language. This table serves as a valuable reference for English speakers learning French, offering clear and concise translations for each form. With regular practice and reference to this guide, learners will find themselves more confident and proficient in using one of the most important verbs in the French language. Remember, language learning is a journey of continuous discovery and improvement.