French days of the week and Months of the Year

Welcome to Lesson 3! In this lesson, we’ll learn about the days of the week and the months of the year in French. Knowing these is essential for planning, scheduling, and discussing dates. Let’s dive in!

Understand basic usage in conversation.

1.  The French week starts with Monday, not Sunday. Here are the days:

days in french Prononciation (english) IPA days in english
lundi lun-dee lœ̃di Monday
mardi mar-dee maʁdi Tuesday
mercredi mare-cruh-dee mɛʁkʁədi Wednesday
jeudi juh-dee ʒødi Thursday
vendredi vahn-druh-dee vɑ̃dʁədi Friday
samedi sam-dee samdi Saturday
dimanche dee-monsh dimɑ̃ʃ Sunday

📌 Pronunciation Tip:
The final ‘i’ in “lundi”, “mardi”, “mercredi”, etc., is pronounced like the ‘ee’ in ‘see’.

2. Months of the Year in French

Now let’s learn the months of the year:

French Month Phonetic Spelling (English) IPA English Translation
janvier zhan-vee-ay ʒɑ̃vje January
février fay-vree-ay fevʁije February
mars mars maʁs March
avril ah-vreel avʁil April
mai may me May
juin zhwan ʒɥɛ̃ June
juillet zhwee-ay ʒɥijɛ July
août oot ut August
septembre sep-tahm-bruh sɛptɑ̃bʁ September
octobre ok-toh-bruh ɔktɔbʁ October
novembre no-vahm-bruh nɔvɑ̃bʁ November
décembre day-sahm-bruh desɑ̃bʁ December

Practice Exercise

Answer the following questions in French

  1. What’s today’s date?
  2. When’s your birthday?
  3. What day is tomorrow?
  4. Can you give me the date for the next meeting?
  5. What was yesterday’s date?
  6. When was the last time we met?
  7. How do you say “March 15th” in French?
  8. Is April 21st a public holiday in France?
  9. What date is Bastille Day in France?
  10. When is the first day of winter?

Real-Life Application
Try writing your schedule in French, or think about your plans for the week and say them in French.

Great job finishing Lesson 3! In the next lesson, we’ll cover personal pronouns and the verb “être” (to be). See you soon!

Key words : French days of the week