Global Demographics and Language: A Comparative Table of Countries and Capitals in French, and Nationalities in English and French

Countries and Capitals in French: Explore the diversity of our world with this comprehensive table showcasing 30 countries, ranked by demographic size. For each country, you’ll find its name in both English and French (complete with the definite article), along with the capital city and the French term for its citizens. This informative resource is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their geographical knowledge or language skills, offering a unique blend of demographic insights and linguistic details. Dive into this bilingual exploration and expand your understanding of global nations and their capitals, presented in both English and French.

Country (English) Country (French) Capital (French) demonym (French)
China la Chine Pékin Chinois(e)
India l’Inde New Delhi Indien(ne)
United States les États-Unis Washington D.C. Américain(e)
Indonesia l’Indonésie Jakarta Indonésien(ne)
Pakistan le Pakistan Islamabad Pakistanais(e)
Brazil le Brésil Brasília Brésilien(ne)
Nigeria le Nigeria Abuja Nigérian(e)
Bangladesh le Bangladesh Dacca Bangladais(e)
Russia la Russie Moscou Russe
Mexico le Mexique Mexico Mexicain(e)
Japan le Japon Tokyo Japonais(e)
Ethiopia l’Éthiopie Addis-Abeba Éthiopien(ne)
Philippines les Philippines Manille Philippin(e)
Egypt l’Égypte Le Caire Égyptien(ne)
Vietnam le Vietnam Hanoï Vietnamien(ne)
DR Congo la RD Congo Kinshasa Congolais(e)
Turkey la Turquie Ankara Turc(e)
Iran l’Iran Téhéran Iranien(ne)
Germany l’Allemagne Berlin Allemand(e)
Thailand la Thaïlande Bangkok Thaïlandais(e)
United Kingdom le Royaume-Uni Londres Britannique
France la France Paris Français(e)
Italy l’Italie Rome Italien(ne)
South Africa l’Afrique du Sud Pretoria Sud-Africain(e)
Tanzania la Tanzanie Dodoma Tanzanien(ne)
Myanmar le Myanmar Naypyidaw Birman(e)
South Korea la Corée du Sud Séoul Sud-Coréen(ne)
Colombia la Colombie Bogota Colombien(ne)
Kenya le Kenya Nairobi Kenyan(e)
Spain l’Espagne Madrid Espagnol(e)
Argentina l’Argentine Buenos Aires Argentin(e)


This table offers a unique perspective on the world’s countries and Capitals in French, blending demographic data with linguistic elements. By comparing the names of countries, their capitals, and nationalities in both English and French, it not only serves as a valuable resource for geographical information but also aids in language learning and cultural understanding. Whether you’re a student, a language enthusiast, or simply curious about the world, this compilation provides an engaging way to explore global diversity through the lens of two widely spoken languages.