Basic Colors in French and Introduction to Adjectives

Welcome to Lesson 6! In this lesson, we will delve into basic color names and the concept of adjective agreement in French, focusing particularly on color adjectives.


  • Learn basic color names in French and their masculine and feminine forms.
  • Understand the agreement of color adjectives with nouns.
  • Be aware of special cases where adjectives are invariable.
  • Practice using color adjectives in sentences.

1. Basic Colors and Their Forms in French

Here’s a table showing the masculine and feminine forms of basic colors in French, along with their English translations:

Color (English) Masculine (French) Feminine (French) Notes
Red rouge rouge
Blue bleu bleue
Green vert verte
Yellow jaune jaune
Black noir noire
White blanc blanche
Orange orange orange invariable
Pink rose rose invariable
Brown marron marron invariable
Gray gris grise

2. Agreement of Adjectives

In French, adjectives must agree with the noun they modify in both gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural). However, some adjectives like “orange,” “rose,” and “marron” do not change form and are considered invariable.


  • Le chat noir                        The black cat
  • La voiture rouge               The red car
  • Les stylos bleus                 The blue pens
  • Les maisons blanches    The white houses

⚠️ but :

  • Les maisons orange.
  • La maison marron.

Practice Exercise

Describe objects using the appropriate form of color adjectives. Remember to adjust the adjective to match the gender and number of the noun. For example:

  • Le ciel est bleu.              The sky is blue.
  • Les fleurs sont roses. The flowers are pink.

Real-Life Application

Look around you and describe objects using the color adjectives you’ve learned. Pay attention to the gender and number agreement.


Great job on completing Lesson 6! You’ve learned the basic colors in French and how to correctly use adjectives in sentences. Keep practicing these new skills to enhance your descriptive abilities in French. Next, we’ll explore more about adjectives and their different forms.

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