French for Beginners : Definite and Indefinite Articles

Today, we’ll learn about definite and indefinite articles in French. Articles are small words that accompany nouns and are essential for sentence construction.


  • Learn about definite and indefinite articles in French.
  • Understand the gender of nouns and its randomness for inanimate objects.
  • Use the verb “être” with articles and nouns.
  • Practice translating sentences from English to French.

Gender of Nouns in French

In French, every noun has a gender, either masculine or feminine. For inanimate objects, things, and concepts, the gender is arbitrary and must be memorized.

Gender French English
Masculine Le livre The book
Le livre est un objet. The book is an object.
Feminine La table The table
La table est un meuble. The table is a piece of furniture.

Articles and Gender

Here’s a reminder of how articles are used depending on the gender and number of the noun:

Type of Article French Article Example in French English Translation
Definite (Masculine Singular) le le chat the cat
Definite (Feminine Singular) la la pomme the apple
Definite (Before Vowel) l’ l’arbre the tree
Definite (Plural) les les livres the books
Indefinite (Masculine Singular) un un stylo a pen
Indefinite (Feminine Singular) une une maison a house
Indefinite (Plural) des des voitures some cars

Using “Être” with Articles and Gender

Let’s use “être” with articles and nouns, keeping in mind the gender:

  • Le chat est un animal. (luh shah ay uhn ah-nee-mahl) – The cat is an animal.
  • La table est un meuble. (lah tahb-luh ay uhn muh-bluh) – The table is a piece of furniture.
  • L’arbre est une plante. (lar-bruh ay oon plahnt) – The tree is a plant.

Practice Exercise – Translation

Translate the following sentences from English to French:

  1. The car is a vehicle.
  2. A book is an object.
  3. The apples are fruits.


Congratulations on completing Lesson 5! You now understand how to use definite and indefinite articles in French, the concept of gender in nouns, and how to form simple sentences with “être”. Keep practicing these concepts, and they will become more familiar. In the next lesson, we’ll explore basic colors and adjectives.

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